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  1. Custom Stamped Plastic Valve Tags

    Custom Stamped Plastic Valve Tags

    Custom stamped valve tags support effective work identification and safety programs.
    Starting at $2.20
  2. Write-On Octagon Plastic Tags

    Write-On Octagon Plastic Tags

    Write-on octagon plastic tags allow employees to mark pipes or valves with important informaiton.
    Starting at $44.79
    Pack of 25 Tags
  3. Write-On Wipe-Off Plastic Tag

    Write-On Wipe-Off Plastic Tag

    Yellow blank plastic tags allow you to fill in your own message, then change it when you desire.
    Starting at $55.49
    Pack of 25 Tags
  4. Jumbo Custom Tag Seals

    Jumbo Custom Tag Seals

    Add your wording to jumbo custom tag seals with your specific message or company name.
    Starting at $130.79
    Pack of 100 Each
  5. Custom Duro-Tie Seal Tags

    Custom Duro-Tie Seal Tags

    Customizable plastic seal tags ideal for warehouse use.
    Starting at $220.00
    Pack of 100 Each
  6. Heavy-Duty Rectangular Plastic Tags

    Heavy-Duty Rectangular Plastic Tags

    Turn any plastic tag into your own customized tag
    Starting at $3.99
  7. Custom Plastic Write-On Seals

    Custom Plastic Write-On Seals

    Custom plastic write-on seals close everything from cartons to bags to latches and doors.
    Starting at $150.59
    Pack of 100 Each
  8. NFPA Tags

    NFPA Tags

    NFPA tags display specific hazards and their degree of intensity.
    Starting at $102.29
    Pack of 25 Each
  9. Medium Write-On Tag Ties

    Medium Write-On Tag Ties

    Plastic, blank tags ideal for marking equipment in tight spaces.
    Starting at $25.99
    Pack of 100 Tags
  10. Self Protecting Plastic Tags

    Self Protecting Plastic Tags

    Fully protect your information with long-lasting vinyl tags
    Starting at $374.40
    Pack of 100 Each
  11. Custom-Worded Self-Laminating Plastic Tags

    Custom-Worded Self-Laminating Plastic Tags

    Create long lasting personal messages with custom-worded self-laminating plastic tags.
    Starting at $4.79
  12. Blank Rectangle Plastic Tags

    Blank Rectangle Plastic Tags

    Heavy-duty blank plastic tags have an easy, write-on surface for fast identification.
    Starting at $3.59
  13. Write-On Square Plastic Tags

    Write-On Square Plastic Tags

    Write-on square plastic tags have a unique write-on surface that is easily inscribed with pen, pencil or marker.
    Starting at $44.79
    Pack of 25 Tags
  14. Color Coded Plastic Tags

    Color Coded Plastic Tags

    Color-coded tags help you sort and identify
    Starting at $52.40
  15. Lined Colored Plastic Tags

    Lined Colored Plastic Tags

    Colored tags are lined, providing space for you to write your own messages to employees.
    Starting at $1.49
  16. Barricade Self-Fastening Plastic Tags

    Barricade Self-Fastening Plastic Tags

    Hanging warnings couldn't be easier. No need for fasteners, these tags are ready to hang anywhere.
    Starting at $106.29
    Pack of 25 Tags
  17. Custom Printed Plastic Tags

    Custom Printed Plastic Tags

    Weatherproof, chemical-resistant custom tags in multiple sizes; 1 or 2 sided
    Starting at $2.70
  18. Custom Economy Plastic Tags

    Custom Economy Plastic Tags

    Use your wording under an OSHA heading to deliver a big impact!
    Starting at $6.79
  19. Biohazard Plastic Tag

    Biohazard Plastic Tag

    Biohazard plastic tags display the presence of harmful materials that could injure employees.
    Starting at $4.99
  20. Write-On Rectangle Plastic Tag

    Write-On Rectangle Plastic Tag

    Write on rectangle plastic tags allow a message to be clearly displayed to employees on pipes and valves.
    Starting at $44.79
    Pack of 25 Tags
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